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Peterbilt 379 EXHD Update v1.0.0
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Peterbilt 379 EXHD Update v1.0.0

Peterbilt 379 EXHD
Prescribe separate slot
1 cabin, 1 chassis
His salon
its sounds
Test version 1.0.0s, log clean.
Update for ATS:
1. Residence in auto Peterbilt, separate slot.
2. Added engine brake.
3. Added engine brake noises.
4. Fixed-information display (video works).
5. Added a manifesto and other fixes.

Ivan, Tim, John, the Mars 812, Coalminer, Stas556, Mishanya, Fox071rus, Dmitry68, knox_xss, Chris, Classick, Kriechbaum, skiner Adaptation in ATS: Regwiem Update: Michael Shkut

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    2016-02-05 21:57 Send message
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    When i try to Lift/Drop Axel the game crashes. No other modes installed.
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