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Peterbilt 387 New Sound v2.0
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Peterbilt 387 New Sound v2.0

Adaptation of the tractor under the ATS with the following modifications:
 - Added a new version of the instrument;
- Replaced the bonnet mirror;
- Dimensions of "Dot", "Ovalius" and "Dot Line Style" Now create a small lighting around you;
- Neon lights of two colors;
- Indicator retarder;
- The sounds are replaced by default;
- Bortovik Kirilloid22 instead of the old and the alternative bortovik "Peterbilt387_Computer + clock.scs" clock in the archive with the mod;
- Small improvements for 3d models.
Upgrading to version
Changes / Additions:
- Removed the cab suspension
- Fixed mat painting
- New lights
- New gear stick
- Fixed bonnet mirror
- Added blinds in salon
- New slots for accessories in the cabin
- Other minor bug fixes
New changes:
- Replacing all the old sounds new to Peterbilt 387
- Added new sounds, engine and transmission (3406E, Cat15, Cummins, IXS, N14, PACCAR)
- Corrected GPS above to the left did not close the bonnet mirror
- Corrected the bumper (tuning - does not weigh in the air)

- External Model: - Ch_Vitalik
- Further development of the external model, external tuning, Textures, Updated bortovik: - Kirilloid22
- Interior, Alteration textures foreign models, tuning, wheels, Animation - Gosh Motor
- Author oreginala [Digateley, PPC and sound]: - Kriechbaum
- All new residence [Digateley, CAT and Sound] under the Peterbilt 387, repair any errors found: - Vladimir1203

  • Vlad1203
    2016-05-16 13:05 Send message
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    Fix for Peterbilt 387 - http://sharemods.com/k8yppjulydfs/truck_dealer_Peterbilt_387___New_Sound.scs.htmlPutting above the truck!Now there is a Dealer - http://itmages.ru/image/view/4275588/15c4efbf
  • Cinas
    2016-05-17 00:17 Send message
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    I welcome, why on the control panel one can only see half a GPS? very much I like this option and I am thinking why I was for her deprive.To sum up a good lorry and at last good sounds.Thanks and I ask for the GPS.Greetings. Cinas.
  • Vlad1203
    2016-05-17 02:41 Send message
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    CINAS I can not understand what your problem is with a GPS, if visible normalno.Na screenshots can be seen on the truck - http://itmages.ru/image/view/4279836/c0a56edfTry to put the camera mode (the driver landing).
  • Cinas
    2016-05-17 17:45 Send message
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    Hello, it looks like my problemats_00017.png ats_00018.png ats_00019.png ats_00020.png .Removed with mod folder everything related to 387 and still repeat.Detriment because I like this truck.Maybe somehow manage to overcome .Greetings Cinas.
  • Cinas
    2016-05-17 17:49 Send message
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    ats_00017.png ats_00018.png ats_00019.png ats_00020.png ats_00021.png sorry my mistake
  • Cinas
    2016-05-17 18:04 Send message
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    ats_00017.png ats_00018.png ats_00019.png ats_00020.png ats_00021.png maybe now
  • Cinas
    2016-05-17 18:09 Send message
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    https://zapodaj.net/0468a101c47ef.png.htmlhttps://zapodaj.net/3bcd204713a7e.png.htmlhttps://zapodaj.net/67289ee344f9e.png.htmlhttps://zapodaj.net/cb07aa25b5237.png.htmlhttps://zapodaj.net/3ae4ce1978c79.png.htmlSorry, it's my first time...
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