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Project West Map v1.3.2 [1.6.x]
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Project West Map v1.3.2 [1.6.x]

Hi, I'm stoked_dude and I have started a project of rebuilding existing roads and building entire new ones in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. I started with this project in early January 2017 and in the beginning, my ambition with this project was to "refresh" the major SoCal highways and give them a facelift to be more realistic. Since, I have expanded outwards and decided to rename the mod Project West because it is now much more than just "California highways". 

NOTICE Some roads included in this mod would technically in real life not be allowed for long-hauls, but it's your own choice if you want to drive on these roads or not ingame, I didn't put any ban signs. I suggest however to get a car mod when riding through the west's great national parks.

I have decided to not intervene in Northern California's greater highways out of recommendation from ProMods developers as they are working on these areas and I'll leave them to that task. The only changes in Northern California I will do is related to 'back-roads' and the establishment of Yosemite National Park on Tioga Road ( CA 120 ) and minor changes on CA1 south of San Francisco.


Finished stretches
SB I-5 Los Angeles - San Diego
NB I-5 Los Angeles - CA99
NB I-15 Los Angeles - Barstow
NB 1-15 Barstow - Primm
EB I-10 Los Angeles - El Centro
EB I-40 Barstow - Arizona border
U.S 101 - Calabasas - Malibu Exit
CA1 Improvements
Several improvements on many roads in SoCal.
California 74 - I-10 - Carlsbad
CA 120 - Tioga Road - Yosemite National Park

I-10 Eastbound - Palm Springs
U.S 395 - Lee Vining - Bishop

U.S 395 - Bishop - Lone Pine
Death Valley National Park
SB Interstate 15 - San Diego
Zzyzx Rd, I-15.

Entrance to Las Vegas - U.S 95
NB I-15 Barstow - Primm
NB I-15 Primm - Las Vegas

U.S 93 - Henderson - Boulder City

Rebuild of roads entering around Kayenta
U.S 93 - Kingsman - Phoenix

Additional changes
- Realistic raised pavement markers by hoseclamp72.
- Removed numerous speed trap cameras simply because they don't exist in the US.
- Added county signs on some roads.
- San Diego improvements by brainiac
- More satisfying "city-entering" feeling. Bright lights in the distance, etc.

Cities and towns:
- Laytonville, CA by Bigbearlesson101
- Lee Vining, CA

- Boulder City, NV
- Bishop, CA

Mods priority
I will never charge anything for this mod and I'd never want anyone to feel forced to give me anything, but I will be able to spend more time on developing this mod if I didn't have to be away to do other stuff, and this mod does really require a lot of my spare time. I will also possibly create a website where I will publish more information and updates, etc, if I recieve enough to do so.

Link to Donate here:


Main: stoked_dude
hoseclamp72 - 1.6 hotfix and reflector markers.
Bigbearlesson101 - Laytonville, CA.
brainiac - Creator of collector/expressway in San Diego.

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  • Najam
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    HelloI do not see the new roads on the map, is this normal?
  • Ralloh
    2017-04-27 02:48 Send message
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    Here we go again. Going west on Hwy 15 around Hwy 93 you suddenly drop through the road and drift in space. I tried reloading a Quicksave that I had done a few miles before, but, the game will not load and freezes my computer. The only way back on was to load the Mods and remove Project West. Of course it then placed me at my garage and I lost the job I was on. This needs to be fixed.
  • Ralloh
    2017-05-01 01:24 Send message
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    I'm pretty much done with this mod for now. Just fell through the road going from Bakersfield to Holbrook. I'm putting Viva Mexico back on. At least I'll know I can finish jobs when I start them. Hopefully all these bugs will be worked out.
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