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Project West Map v1.3.1 [1.6.x] - fixed corrupt file -
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Project West Map v1.3.1 [1.6.x] - fixed corrupt file -

reupload with fixed .scs file!!!

"Project West" Map v1.3.1 for Ats 1.6.x game version

"Project West" for ATS is the improvement of existing roads and the construction
of new ones in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. The primary idea of this
project (begun in early January 2017) was to "refresh" the main highways of California
and give them a more realistic look. Since then, the project has expanded and was
renamed from "California Highways" to "Project West", because now it is much more than just "California highways".
Some of the roads included in this mod are closed in real life for transit and long-haul
transportation, but this is a game, and whether or not to ride them is your own choice.
At least they are not closed, and if you wish, you can drive through them through the great national parks of the West.
What changes does the mod make?
- In Northern California, the changes are mostly related to "country roads" and the creation
of the Yosemite National Park on Tioga Road (CA 120) and minor changes to CA1 south of San Francisco
Additional changes:
- Realistic elevated road markers (road markings)
- Numerous trapping chambers fixed
- Added signs (sold-out) of counties on some roads
- Some improvements in San Diego
- Changed the visual perception of the "entrance to the city": brighter lights, city's light halo, etc.

Roads and highways:
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Already built (California):
SB I-5 Los Angeles - San Diego
NB I-5 Los Angeles - CA99
NB I-15 Los Angeles - Barstow
NB 1-15 Barstow - Primm
EB I-10 Los Angeles - El Centro
EB I-40 Barstow - Arizona border
U.S 101 - Calabasas - Malibu Exit
CA1 Improvements
Several improvements on many roads in SoCal.
California 74 - I-10 - Carlsbad
CA 120 - Tioga Road - Yosemite National Park
In work (California):
I-10 Eastbound - Palm Springs
U.S 395 - Lee Vining - Bishop
In the plans for the future:
U.S 395 - Bishop - Lone Pine
Death Valley National Park
SB Interstate 15 - San Diego
Zzyzx Rd, I-15.
Entrance to Las Vegas - U.S 95
NB I-15 Barstow - Primm
NB I-15 Primm - Las Vegas
In the work:
U.S 93 - Henderson - Boulder City
Rebuild of kayenta
In the plans for the future:
U.S 93 - Kingsman - Phoenix

Cities and towns:
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- Laytonville, CA by Bigbearlesson101
- Lee Vining, CA
In work:
- Boulder City, NV
- Bishop, CA

Card is compatible with a bunch of maps C2C + CanaDream
Tested on 1.6.x game version

Author: stoked_dude
Collaborators: hoseclamp72, Bigbearlesson101, brainiac


  • Caraman
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    thank you
  • Ken


    2017-04-21 09:57 Send message
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    Disappointing, truck falls thru the road into space in a few places
  • Lance
    2017-04-22 20:09 Send message
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    beautiful beautiful job, PLEASE make the new mod of Mexico to work with this......
  • Freddy jimmink
    2017-04-24 11:23 Send message
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    NB 1-15 Barstow - Primm before the parkplace/restarea the truck lost track.Road 95 between Ehrenberg to NB 1-15 (Barstow-Primm) truck lost trackThere might be more, but didn't discovered them yet.
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