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Real Advertisements v1.5
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Real Advertisements v1.5

American Truck Simulator Real Advertisements mod has been updated to version 1.5!
What's new with v1.5
*Some ads have been replaced  by new ones. (14 ads)
General Description
The mod that changed the advertisements on the billboards in the streets and highways of American Truck Simulator.
81 different ads including various companies and organizations were added.
Reminder: Give high priority to this mod on mod manager when using with similar mods!

Sinagrit Baba

  • C.j shaw
    2019-09-14 11:44
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    Did you get rid of the Anti-Gun Law ads or are you just taking the hit on downloads and steam subscribers?
  • Knightwolf
    2019-09-17 21:31 Send message
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    @CJ wtf does it matter! Point is if they're out there for real that's the point of the mod if that brings down downloads of a mod your all idiots
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