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Real Physics and Suspension Behaviour v2.0 by MKR
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Real Physics and Suspension Behaviour v2.0 by MKR

This mod changes the behaviour of truck suspensions and also modifies the interior camera movement.

Whats New !?
- Well in this version(v2.0) i have adjusted the overall mass of cabin and wheels giving more precise steering(especially on the short chassis);
- adjusted the brake balance towards a more rear biased braking;
- modified pitch and roll factor and damping for a more softer feel of suspensions;
- air resistance is back to default value now;
- thrust viscosity characteristics are scaled closer to engine torque;
- adjusted transmission and retarder feel depending on engine rpm.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS for this mod to work best:
Physical camera movement - ON
Physical camera movement factor - Slider towards far right.

Tested on ATS
You are not allowed to modify or upload this mod to other sites !
Enjoy !


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