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Real Traffic Density and Ratio ATS 1.33.a
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Real Traffic Density and Ratio ATS 1.33.a

changelog v1.33.a
- adaptation to 1.33 game version
- fixed lights issue generating fines during the day
- fixed possible entrance of Ai to companies and private properties
- Ai vehicles have now only real colors
- reduced number of trucks in cities
- some other tweaks of classic & sport cars and for doubles
- support for Mr Larrington’s multiples trailers, my mod has higher priority

remember you always need to be at g_traffic 1 in game console or config file.
do not forget that you can make jazzycat motorcycles, sport and classic cars as separate types of vehicles, my mods has already integrated the traffic files for them. all you need to do is a little rename of one sii file in each traffic pack.
this modification will increase overall the balance of cars vs trucks


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