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Real US Google Nav For ATS v1.37.x v2.0
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Real US Google Nav For ATS v1.37.x v2.0

Real Google Maps voice for navigation using the new FMOD audio structure for 1.37.x versions of ATS. A direct replacement for the unrealistic default gps voices.

For 1.36, you will need to download it here: click_here. This version supports 1.37.x ONLY. They have completely changed the way audio works in ATS in 1.37.x so i learned FMOD, and created this update.

How did i make it?

I started with an empty folder and built everything from scratch using a program i wrote that converts GTTS (google text to speech) into .ogg files. I then took those files through audacity in post and increased the tempo. In FMOD studio, i assigned all events, banks, assets, and GUIDS to the voice samples so ATS could recognize it.

Made for United States players only at this time. - US google maps voice, feet and miles instead of meters and kilometers, etc.

What's inside?
- Uses phrases like "In a quarter mile..", "In 100 feet...", "In 200 feet" instead of "meters". Just like the real US google maps navigation.
- New and different phrases compared to other voice mods, adding even more realism on the road.
- Added start navigation phrase "Beginning route navigation", where no phrase was declared with other mods.
- Added phrase "Recalculating..."
- Changed default speed signal indicator to a new hq triple beep sound. To enable, go to options / audio / speed warning / choose "sound" from dropdown.
- Added speed warning indicator phrase "Speed limit exceeded". To enable this instead, go to options / audio / speed warning / choose "voice" from dropdown.

- Drag the downloaded "Real US Google Nav For ATS v1.37.x" entire folder into your "mod" folder.
- Default location of "mod" folder is: Documents > American Truck Simulator > mod
- Once the file has been placed there, then exit.
- Continue your game. Then configure the mod in your settings. Options / Audio / Voice Navigation.
- Make sure "Enable voice navigation" is checked.
- Under that, choose the voice "English- Google Maps (US)" from the drop down.
- Exit.
- And that's it! You're good to go. I hope you are enjoying my mods! Please leave a comment or review :)
Thanks and see you on the road!

- madtrucker89
Video: https://youtu.be/9XxFwrLjWic


  • Madtrucker89
    2020-03-12 21:17
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    Not sure why an image didn't show up. Moderator can you help? I uploaded it to the "photos" tab. Thank you. As for everyone else, please feel free to let me know how i can improve it! Thanks :)
  • Bollx
    2020-03-12 22:17
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    it dont fokin work on 1.37 beta
  • Mike
    2020-03-13 00:51
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    Sorry to say that doesnot work with i.37 beta. I followed instructions and i make mods time to time so i know how to install a mod, yours, unfortunatly doesnot appear in voice selection. Mike.
  • Adam
    2020-03-13 01:30
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    didn't work on 1.36 either.
  • Ralloh
    2020-03-13 05:31
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    I'm using 1.37 and it works like a champ. I didn't install it per the instructions though. I just copied the entire ZIP file into my mod folder. When I started the game and went into the mods page, there it was. I activated it as usual then went into settings to voice navigation. In the drop down menu I see "English- Google Maps (US)". I clicked on that and everything works just fine.
  • Ralloh
    2020-03-13 15:52
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    UPDATE: I have to take back what I said previously. I forgot that I originally copied the one folder as instructed into my mod folder. The odd thing is, it does not show up, and, did not work. That is when I tried just coping the zip file. Apparently the combination of the two made it work just fine. Not exactly sure why though. Don't really care. I'm just glad to be rid of those stupid voices supplied with the game.
  • Mike
    2020-03-13 23:42
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    Hi, the problem is the name fo your mod. I changed it to googleVoice.scs and it works fine. thank for this one. Mike
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