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Rebuilds/Expansions in Southern CA & AZ v1.1.00
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Rebuilds/Expansions in Southern CA & AZ v1.1.00

Map mod that focuses on rebuilds and expansions in Southern CA and AZ in the area mainly around El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ. While mapping I am trying to blend realism and creative detailing as much as possible. Of course, perfection can not always be achieved due to limitations in models, prefabs and space.

Required Map (D)LC:
+ Nevada
+ Arizona
+ New Mexico
+ Oregon
+ Washington

Yuma, AZ
El Centro, CA
I-8 (El Centro to Wellton, AZ)
I-10 (Indio to Chiriaco Summit)
US-95 (Yuma to Yuma Proving Grounds)

New stuff:
AZ-195 (Tiny stretch @ Yuma)
Brawley, CA
Indio, CA
CA-78 (Around Brawley)
CA-86 (From CA-111 near Calexico, CA to I-10)

+ Rebuild of Yuma AZ with surrounding areas of US-95 Northbound & I-8 Eastbound
+ Added small part of CA-78 East of Brawley
+ Refreshed remaining Vanilla part of CA-111 between Mecca & Brawley
+ Adjustments and improvements on assets and signage on whole V.1.0 map parts

Compatibility tested with:
- US Expansion V2.6
- Coast to Coast v2.8.2 [Note: Put PaZzMod ontop in load order!]


  • Name
    2019-08-02 16:55
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  • Norberto
    2019-08-02 17:38
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    Hi guys, the bat is on a slightly larger scale than C2C map and Mexican maps mod eliminating mexicali and the road from Ensenata to Sonoyta. It is possible to adapt it, otherwise it is unusable in addition to the others :-(
  • Pazz_
    2019-08-03 03:11
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