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Redd's Corner StylePak v2.1
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Redd's Corner StylePak v2.1

This mod is an add-on for Mack CHU613

StylePak Sampler "contains:
- Cobra CB radio with red illumination.
- New cockpit interior (OXblood) in addition to the original version.
- New custom painted rear wing.
- New front bumper. 2 options. With fixed lighting and additional slots.
- New chrome exterior Mack emblem located at the front directly in front of the air filters.
- New rear set of mudguards.
- Dashboard redesigned with 85 mph speedometer speed and other improvements.
- 3 new gear levers (18, 13 and 10 speeds) M-Drive plate is removed when stick offset is selected.
- 5 new cockpit interior colors in addition to the original version, for a total of 7
(Classic Deer Skin, OXblood, Pebble, Style Blue and Style Red).
- 3 new front bumpers in Chrome and Truckpaint (Rawhide, Moose and Bullbar).
- 3 new rear fenders in chrome and lacquered finish.
- 2 new exterior chrome emblems.
- New Lighthouse.
- New set of tools in Chrome, Paint and Diamond Plate
- New headache stand with diamond finish.
- 147 unique Cobra CB backlit radio configurations.
- Cable stand and floor box in addition to standard cables.
- New interior camera views.
Watch the video for a selection of the features of the full version.
Install this mod OVER CHU613 truck in mod manager.

Cobra CB radio by AlexeyP and SCS Software 2018

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