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Renault Integral 390 v3.0 for ATS 1.30.x
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Renault Integral 390 v3.0 for ATS 1.30.x

Renault Integral 390 v3.0 for ATS: 1.30.x

- Real own sound for Renault Integral.
- 2 standard cabin.
- 2 standard chassis 4x2.
- 3 standard engines.
- 8 standard transmissions
- Added new navigators GPS.
- Your standard painting.
- Standalone
- Buy in Kenworth Dealer.
- Test on version: [ATS]

NOTE: Please note two cabin views what I added in picures. One (darker) uses default SCS in game weather, other (brighter and better visible) cabin interior shot with additional weather mod enabled - GSC Weather Mod v4.2. If you have too dark there in cabin then use wheather mod(s).

Solaris36, –°yrusTheVirus, Vinzel, adapted for ATS vasja555

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    2018-04-06 03:35
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