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Renault Kangoo AI
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Renault Kangoo AI

Renault Kangoo to AI Tfaffic

Alexx_Os, Upiter, SNAIL_KILLA

  • Losevo58
    2016-02-26 22:28
    Renault Kangoo AI Traffic для ATSМодель полностью автономная, ничего не заменяет!Монохромная живопись, 20 вариантов скинов: курьерские услуги и торговые бренды!Совместима с пакетами от JazzycatМод протестирован на версии ATS:Авторы:Автор 3D-модели: НеизвестенКонвертация, изменения: Alexx_OsСкины: Upiter, SNAIL_KILLAChanges to ATS: losevo58
  • Losevo58
    2016-02-26 22:29
    Renault Kangoo AI Traffic for ATSThe model is fully autonomous, no substitute!Monochrome painting, 20 variants of skins: courier services and trade brands!Compatible with packages from JazzycatMod tested on version ATS: 3D-model: UnknownConversion changes: Alexx_OsSkins: Upiter, SNAIL_KILLAChanges to ATS: losevo58
  • Real life trucker.
    2016-03-07 19:33
    Why would you add cars that cant be seen in the roads in the Usa,because that sounds really crazy.I would saythat people coud add cars to the game,hat actually can be seen in the Usa.
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