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Rollin peterbilt 389 fixed 1.39.1
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Rollin peterbilt 389 fixed 1.39.1

Rollin peterbilt 389 for American truck simulator
updated to 1.39.1 (fixed)
added lots of goodies
Credits: ReneNate


  • Stop
    2020-11-26 22:19
    5 0
    this is a game crasher
  • @stop
    2020-11-26 23:01
    2 0
    Where can I get this truck from OG author?? I never download RENENATE trash
  • @renenate
    2020-11-26 23:10
    2 1
  • Stop
    2020-11-26 23:10
    1 2
    It is a Joel collins mod on facebook
  • Mod


    2020-11-27 06:33
    2 7
    whatever isnt worth paying for you doesnt mean you have to talk down to the owner of the mod if you actually pay attention the original mod has a lot of animations done to it witch any other of modded trucks even scs trucks hasnt got.. also the full gauge interior is a big plus and theres thousands ways of building this truck witch makes it great so in my opinion is worth the money you pay for it for those who wants the real deal message joel on facebook facebook.com/joel.collins.940
  • Lincolnimp
    2020-11-27 18:38
    1 0
    Crashes game you need to look at this again I would have tried it then maybe bought the mod
  • Guest
    2020-11-27 22:33
    1 7
    awesome mod mate ... thks as ya haters see on video works perfectly ....
  • Blah blah
    2020-11-28 06:36
    2 1
    video is probably recorded with the real deal and renenate(thief) added a lot of rubbish as private use coz the real deal mod comes with the open def file so you are able to add stuff and that so whatever you say mate his work is pure rubbish and he steals from everyone adds one or two things on top of it than trying to claim it as it is his work lmfao pathetic
  • Frank
    2020-11-28 13:38
    3 2
    instructions on how to make a waste is that give renate
  • Lolol
    2020-11-28 14:46
    2 2
    thank him for the release of what?? he didnt release shit he stole someones elses mod lmfao but hey whatever float your boat best way to get a virus and rubbish mod is to download from this guy but who am i to say something lol
  • Renenate removing comments
    2020-11-29 15:59
    3 3
    Way to go you phucktard!!! You really a clueless fucking asshole. Nothing but a damn hemmeroid to the modding community who has already made countless modders leave because he steals their work. Piss off, get COVID and die you MORON!
  • @renenate removing comments
    2020-11-29 16:14
    2 5
    you are correct trash like renenate mods82 slayer72 and others need a special place for them they are making good modders quit and make there mods private i guess soon they will have nothing to steal and these modsites that are as bad as these trash turds are will have nothing to do dont like my engrish go fu%^ yourself
  • Guess
    2020-11-29 19:56
    2 3
    what community dude ? lol its a game asshole get over it ....
  • Renenates trash
    2020-11-30 07:20
    2 2
    what community ?? ATS modding community you idiot! these days you cant even get a half decend mod for free coz of lowlifes like renenate that steals it all and trying to claim it... thats why i dont mind paying good money for the good mod but with the garbage modder like renenate very soon you wont even be able to purchase any mods coz he will definitely steal it and than will try to claim it as it is his work piece of shit.. anyways anyone who wants to using garbage keep downloading so called
  • Guess
    2020-12-01 00:43
    2 3
    theres thousands of mods out there that are free and u are an idiot if u pay for mods , everybody that mods do the same shit even your so called paid mods do the same shit so ,steal parts from other trucks... and claim it for them self although i have not seen a mod that renenate made and he claims is his ... and the dude is way better than half these asshole that charge 100 bucks for a half ass shit crap mod ... and his work are free ... take that to your so called community ...
  • @guess
    2020-12-01 04:38
    1 0
    you are part of the problem as well you turd. renenate did nothing to this mod or any other mod that piece of trash steals and uploads as his own. never has and never will because tards such as yourself dont know how to show appreaciation for an outstanding mod and show the modder some love by making a donation or paying for a mod that is obviously worth it, now this particular mod seems way to high,but if players who have money want to pay for it let them. just because your a worthless waste of
  • @guess
    2020-12-01 07:40
    1 0
    then go on and keep using them free mods that are so good... i would rather pay for a quality stuff like Jon Rudas for example his quality is outstanding but then you got piece of shit like renenate that comes along and steals it than trying to claim as his own work witch he did with Freightliner XL but aye who am i to say something? and if you dont like to pay for mods then dont do it but dont be a lowlife piece of shit and steal someone elses work and than claim it as your own simple is that a
  • Good mod
    2020-12-03 16:55
    5 1
    fuck all you guys this deserves to be stolen!
  • Good mod
    2020-12-03 16:55
    6 1
    fuck all you guys this deserves to be stolen! lmao
  • Guest
    2020-12-04 01:12
    1 2
    u all are clueless on what renenate does ... i dont see him do anything different than all these modders do ... they all do the same shit lol and as for renenate i havent seen him steal anything but blades crap which me personally give to shit about blade and as rollin pete someone else stole it and released and put renenate name to the manifest and renenate went and claimed it bcuz of that which i dont blame him .... but at the end of it alll its a fucking game people grow up and whos gives a f
  • Dink
    2020-12-07 09:12
    0 1
    this is a piece of junk
  • Renenate
    2020-12-15 12:29
    0 0
    hello everyone its Renenate here best thief in ATS modding community i hope you enjoy this stolen mod again along with the other stolen stuff that i always claim as my own :) i will keep them coming guys as you know im really good at it!! you guys will be able to enjoy paid mods for free from me as im the best at stealing stuff:) take care guys!
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