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RTA Peterbilt 351 edited by AMTHIEVES v1.1
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RTA Peterbilt 351 edited by AMTHIEVES v1.1

Tuned Peterbilt 351 originally made by RTA.


  • Cbh


    2016-04-04 22:54
    no password
  • Regularjohn53
    2016-04-04 23:21
    RTA my ass, this truck was made by SCS, RTA only converted it to ETS2, This mod fully belongs to AMT. I wonder who uploaded it, was it Driver GEO, the ultimate RTA fanboy? Get a life loosers and start saving up for the lawyer, because you will need it when the truck manufacturers will sue your ass for selling their products for money.
  • Guest
    2016-04-04 23:41
    pw = AMTHIEVES
  • Guest
    2016-04-05 08:28
    Converted from ATS 2016 to ETS 2 2014... timetravel confirmed!
  • The379_bullhauler
    2016-04-05 18:17
    Hey, in case anyone at RTA actually views these comments, you may wanna shut your asses, if peterbilt, as well as Kenworth or another american manufacturer catches wind of you guys making a profit of their name, they would be more than happy and willing to nail your asses to the wall for copy writes
  • Pete macpoopy
    2016-04-05 18:55
    You guys keep this going I came here to read this..Fun reads lol
  • Pete macpoopy
    2016-04-05 18:57
    Btw it crashed me game anyway ..Looked good tho
  • Ampat
    2016-04-08 04:19
    well winrar passward
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