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RTA's CAT CT660 for ATS for 1.2 v1.0
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RTA's CAT CT660 for ATS for 1.2 v1.0

Brought to you by R.A.T. team = Russian Association of Thieves.
-Not many tunning options
-it's locked (typical)
-Please upload it to many sites as possible.
-Mods deserve to be free! 
(Don't bother with the russian hate comments!) 


  • Rusky
    2016-04-14 01:16
    No they can't, your head is always in the way
  • Bill
    2016-04-14 03:11
    Why lock it, that makes no sense,count me out on this one my friend.
  • Sanwlaram
    2016-04-14 22:12
    Hey RTACan you Make Western Star 6900Xd Mod
  • Rta


    2016-04-14 22:58
    @SANWLARAM We are working on it, almost finished probably a few more years until we finish it, we stole a few turbosquid models, it's gonna be bit off scale, high poly count so you wont get lot of FPS and also it gonna cost you 60 bucks +10 bucks every update and if you wanna buy it for ETS2 too, you gonna have to pay another 60 bucks, it's needed for my fake lung cancer surgery. - Oleg
  • Leocat320
    2016-04-16 01:29
  • Turbosquid
    2016-04-17 22:39
    They finally get what they deserve. RTA is all about earning as much as you can and screw people. Many projects, most of them are still beta versions and will most probably stay that way forever. Share their mods as much as you possibly can.
  • Brianc
    2016-04-18 01:33
    RTA cannot create a mod to save their lives. They steal from everyone else then put their name all over it, and sell it to people. This truck was made by my friend, and was stolen by RTA. so the tern coined above fits very well. (Russian Association of Thieves)
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