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Scania 1 Series v2.0 for 1.6.x
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Scania 1 Series v2.0 for 1.6.x

Version 2.0:
* Added new cockpit 110/140 and Longline
* Added wheels, tires, etc, added even more tuning, the real engine and transmission
* Added their sounds
* Added Old school Interior
* Added physics all mudflaps
* Added support for DLC National Window Flags and partially Mighty Driffin DLC
* Fixed interior animation
* Fixed a bug with the collision of the chassis 6×4

Shoofer, Gustavo Siebel, Mahyar.Gh, Ariaei group pc, Amir mahdavi, Federico Cardinali, Phantom94, vovangt4

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    I get a bad file report; from Windows Defender; on this Truck..Too bad; I'm a vintage truck buff...
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