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SCS W900 Dump Truck
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SCS W900 Dump Truck

I originally made this for viper’s “389”, decided to clean it up for the scs w900. Dump truck with matching pony pup trailer.
This is a ‘niche’ mod, only uses the pup trailer.
This specific combination originates from southern/central Ontario Canada.
GVWR is 120000-135000lbs, 500+ 18 speed combination is a must.
Straight truck is always loaded, compatible with w900 accessory mods,
and sound packs.
Recommend using w900 mod by itself to avoid conflicts with other w900 mods.
Advanced coupling.


Base truck

Mod/dump box/pony pup trailer

-Yankee Trucker

  • Renenate12
    2016-11-13 15:46 Send message
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    crashes my game ...
  • Khaos
    2016-11-15 03:23 Send message
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    Great mod. Fantastic work. If I could suggest a few things tho.1) Looks like some of the cargo that is in the dump bed doesn't look like it render correctly.2) Pickup the load adds to the weight of the truck vs it being loaded all of the time.3) Making a single or double wheel option for the drop axle.If loads aren't showing up. Look for any of the dump bed trailers. You should be able to switch the standard trailer over the pup one.
  • Hunter
    2016-11-23 18:18 Send message
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    How do yo even get in the game
  • Dustinw08
    2017-07-03 12:00 Send message
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    uh does this work
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