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The Phantom v1.0
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The Phantom v1.0

AMT proudly presents The Phantom 1.0 Release with a special thanks to bansheewoj for an amazing partnership and opportunity for us all!!

It's finally here folks! Many long months being a constant work in progress and it's finally yours to drive.
Features will not be added by request, any game updates or bug fixes will of course be addressed.
You are not allowed to modify, edit or further release this without verbal permission from all authors involved. In the event of such the workshop links will be taken down permanently and it will not receieve any updates.
This is to respect the copyright agreements made between the authors involved

Original Workshop Link:

Original Sharemods Links ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! If you see, post or use links other than the workshop and original sharemods links they are to be reported and removed immediately.

Truck Credits:

Model Truck, Trailer, Wheels by: Bansheewoj
Interior Base: SCS
Import & Assembly in ATS: AMT
Interior textures & Misc Parts: AMT (Quattrophobia)
Steering Wheel: Kris-Man for the amazing "excalibur" wheel model
Speakers: carlo @ grabcad
Parking sticks: 12BANANA21
Red & Blue Gauge faces: batuhan383
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy
Sounds: Georgiaboy, Kreichbaum
Transmissions: Guidot & KwDriver
Dashboard: Piva Modified by Quattrophobia
LED & Lighting: AMT, Quattrophobia & B4RT
Engine Parts: Snipers, Steve, Rowan, Corby, Quentin
Engine Piping: Arlan6
Glass Materials: GT-Mike & RJL

Misc trailer parts and definitions: Great Dane by B4RT

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    We have RTA and now we have AMT, both telling us what we may do or foremost what we may NOT do!In what kind of world we're living?
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    They r both cunt's if you ask me
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