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Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 1.30
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Tom Dooley Enhanced 579 1.30

Next iteration of my mod who like the 579, but think that the stock SCS model is too bland.
A big thank you to AlexejP, who granted permission to use his interiors/animations, and to all others (see credits) who generously gave permission to use some of their parts from other mods.
New in v 1.30:
– AlexejP animated interiors
– new optional custom headlights
– locker rack by Robert Modjeski/Dc Ving
– new sleeper side windows (outer model only!)
– various modifications or fixes on older parts

TomDooley, SCS, AlexejP, Robert Modjeski, 349hugo, Aradeth, Pendragon, Viper, Ohaha, Solaris36, GT-Mike, Shine2044, CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh

  • Tomdooley
    2018-02-18 22:56
  • Tomdooley
    2018-02-18 22:58
  • Tomdooley
    2018-02-18 23:00
  • Tomdooley
    2018-02-18 23:01
  • Tomdooley
    2018-02-20 07:04
    Strangely, I didn't post any of this here... guys, who posted and re-uploaded this???
  • Mod junior
    2018-02-20 16:11
    Friend author TOMDOOLEY - Link your mod on my blog with all the original links your:.http://www.americantrucksimulatormods.com.br/2018/02/caminhao-peterbilt-579-edit-tom-dooley.html.I hope you authorize your post on my blog. Thank you very much!
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-02-25 10:21
    is it possible to overkill a truck? yes it is! this is no truck anymore this is the new christmas tree.in this cae i dare to say there is a total loss of reality!
  • Not important
    2018-03-05 23:52
    BOY VAN WONDEREN? LMAO Stop trying to hide your name Freddy Jimmink. Better yet you want to stop having so much drama stop doing stuff like this under a different name! Everyone knows you and your other names. BOY VAN WONDEREN, BOY WONDER, [email protected] BOY. At least get original and stop putting Boy on everything your trying to hide.
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