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TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35
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TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35

This mod of mine has been around for a while. 1.35 has a few less options than the previous version, that’s intentional. It’s still plenty of stuff to slap onto your Kenny.
Credits: 349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Franck Brasil, Solaris, Robert Modjeski & Dc vinh, Shin2044, GTM (GT-Mike), CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh, TomDooley

349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Franck Brasil, Solaris, Robert Modjeski & Dc vinh, Shin2044, GTM (GT-Mike), CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh, TomDooley

  • Yourmoma
    2019-08-06 22:29
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    stolen mod
  • Freddy jimmink
    2019-08-07 00:58
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  • Name
    2019-08-07 01:04
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    it seems it's that dooley himself who placed this mod, but the fucker would never pace a mod anywhere, what ahypocrit tha dooley is!
  • To old man freddy
    2019-08-07 08:50
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    If it aint freddy the mod steal himself commenting on mods seeing this mod as hes going to steal it and edit it and sell it to all you people to make profit off of others work what a shame. Freddy your so old that you actual need to get a life and get out of your house for once and get a real job and stop relying on others people hard earned money to fulfill your greedy needs when it comes to people money. How about you make a mod for once from scratch and then maybe you can be called a modder b
  • He doesn't know
    2019-08-07 09:40
    1 1
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  • Bustercapineryo64
    2019-08-08 06:49
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    2019-08-09 23:58
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  • Sandy
    2019-08-10 17:29
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    Crap mod, but what can you expect. People think that adding more accesories and making the truck more beautiful is more important than optimizing and polishing. Well, sad. Very sad. Another trash mod that if i were you guys, will avoid download at all costs.
  • Name
    2019-09-13 03:34
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  • Name
    2019-09-13 03:39
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