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Tow truck broken trailer 1.37
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Tow truck broken trailer 1.37

The trucks broke down and they need your help to repair them at Kenworth dealerships.
This mod uses the first part of the SCS truck in combination with conventional trailers
It also adds complex heavy and long loads

Features of the mod:
- Standalone trailer
- 24 SCS of freight + heavy and oversized cargo
- The color of salvaged trucks is always different (randomly generated)
- Registered in all companies in all states
- Requires DLC for heavy loads and forest machines (Heavy Cargo Pack and Forest Machinery DLC)

Corby, Dro Modding, B4RT, keithd203

  • Name
    2020-05-30 21:48
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    reupload http://www.modhub.us/american-truck-simulator-mods/truck-rescue-trailer-pack-big-n-heavy-trailer-addon-pack-v1-37/
  • @name
    2020-05-31 16:22
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    Do either one of these work with map mods???
  • Cool!
    2020-06-11 00:52
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  • Bruh
    2020-07-12 22:27
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    you do realize this is on the workshop... and that this is possibly stolen...if i were you i wouldn't get a mod that is stolen... but even if it would give you issues like bugs, errors, or even when the game crashes because of a poorly done mod that is pretty much crappy, this is why i only get mods outside of the steam workshop that work well instead of some ol'crappy peace of shitty junk... you can prove me that im wrong, but im just saying don't subscribe to crappy mods unless your game
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