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Trailer Livestock 1.35
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Trailer Livestock 1.35

— Autonomous
— Sold as a separate slot
— 11 chassis
— Single and double couplings
— Their cargoes + standard
— Is present in the orders of the agencies
— Tuning
— Advanced hitch
— Animation supports
— Cable support
— Ownable
— Test on version 1.35


  • Gani
    2019-09-06 18:47
    1 4
    Great trailer
  • Step
    2019-09-06 19:46
    2 1
  • @guest
    2019-09-07 03:12
    2 4
    whats the matter guest?? afraid to use your name you pos coward! i wish they would ban your ISP and not just your accounts, which im sure i have gotten at least one banned, im working on the rest, but would be so much easier if the mod sites would just ban your ISP, all thats needed for this too happen is time, i will keep working on it until it happens
  • Clayton
    2019-09-07 19:38
    1 2
    I love this trailer
  • Fuck @guest
    2019-09-07 23:43
    1 2
    no one would ever listen to an arse like you! and your comment is senceless!
  • @fuck @guest
    2019-09-08 20:28
    0 1
    your probably the loser that stole this mod and uploaded it, which is fine because sooner or later losers like you make all the good modders keep there mods private and no brain dumb fucks such as yourself that dont have a clue about modding end up with the shit mods, so yeah fuck you
  • Name
    2019-09-09 15:12
    1 0
    trailer is shit it don't work leave the modding to the modders that do the work to give free mod but it ppl like you that steal there mod and post it and don't fixed the bugs cause you do know what the hell you are doing you stupid fuck
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