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Trailer Pack v2.22.0
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Trailer Pack v2.22.0

Version changes:
1. Added trailer "Food Cistern" from ETS-2.
2. Added 33 skins for Food Cistern.
3. Added 4 cargoes.

In the package 433 skins and 84 cargoes in 58 companies,
located on the default map and all official DLC.
The mod adds 6 types of default trailers from previous versions of the game:
Box, Curtain, Reefer, Reefer3000r, Gas, Acid,
as well a 2 types trailers from ETS-2 Cement and Food Cistern.

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.
The package is adapted for patch 1.33.x


  • Ishwatts
    2018-12-23 06:01 Send message
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    spread axle box and flatbeds in traffic sometime? dont know why scs doesnt spawn them more than they do
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