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Trailer Pack by Omenma v2.20.00
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Trailer Pack by Omenma v2.20.00

In the package 380 skins and 75 cargoes in 41 companies,
located on the default map and official DLC (besides DLC Oregon).
The mod adds 6 types of default trailers from previous versions of the game:
Box, Curtain, Reefer, Reefer3000r, Gas and Acid.

All trailers and skins included in the traffic.
The package is adapted for patch 1.32.

Version changes:
1. All trailers converted into autonomous.
2. Fully updated all files of registration of trailers, cargo, companies and traffic.
3. Added the function of trailer selection in companies.
4. Changed the weight of all goods.

In the archive 2 files:
1. Base: trailer_pack_by_omenman.scs
2. English version of cargo: cargo_pack_by_omenman_eng.scs

Modload order:

Omenman, SCS

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    Finaly thanks for the update , I have miss this mod.
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