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Trailer Pack by Omenman v1.15.00 (Rus + Eng)
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Trailer Pack by Omenman v1.15.00 (Rus + Eng)

Big package of the trailers with skins from Omenman.
In the package 106 company, 70 cargo and 300 skins on 6 trailers
(Box, Curtain, Reefer, Reefer3000r, Gas and Acid).

This package merges 10 thematic mods and 1 trailer:
– Trailer Pack Cars ver.1.02.00 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Clothing ver.1.02.00 (19 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Drinks ver.1.02.00 (26 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Electronics ver.1.03.00 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Foods ver.1.02.00 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Fuel ver.1.02.00 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Games ver.1.01.00 (5 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Geographic ver.1.02.00 (63 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Logistic ver.1.04.00 (32 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Stars ver.1.04.00 (30 trailers)
– And trailers “Omenman” ver.1.03.00

Changes in version:
1. All trailers have a renewed registration of cargoes in accordance with the profiles of companies and types of cargo.
2. Added companies from DLC “Arizona” and DLC “New Mexico”.
3. Changed the files “PMG” on all trailers.
4. Added to all trailers animation of the hitch.
5. Added English version of cargo.
6. The format of the package version has been changed.

in the archive 2 files:
1. Base: trailer_pack_by_omenman_xxxxxxx.scs
2. English version of cargo: cargo_pack_by_omenman_eng.scs

Modload order:

For the Russian version, connect only file the base.
All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.
No support for cables
For version 1.30, 1.31


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