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Transmission and Suspension Physics
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Transmission and Suspension Physics

Here my Physics Mods I made with the physics.sii for ATS Mods.

So, this mods change the truck roll and pitch at the front and back but have more at the front then the back, change also the engine braking like the time the engine brake before to get to the idle (Normal 500RPM) It good for a 500HP to 650HP, more than 650HP the RPM will go down faster, or if you go down than 500HP the rpm will get more time to brake.

Its my first so I’m still working on it. And trying to make the suspension realistics as possible !

Tested with the last version of the game 1.2.x and with a Pet 389 full custom at 500 or 550HP with a 50.000lb of trailer. Also with a Logitech G27 Steering Wheel.

Sorry for my english and some lag in the video. My graphics card getting old !
EVGA 780 SC ACX 3Gb GDDR5 film with Nvidia Shadowplay

I talk also French !


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