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Tremcar 3A Sanitary v1.4 1.38.x
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Tremcar 3A Sanitary v1.4 1.38.x

Changes 1.4
- Fixed blank specular map on lights
- Added 44 ft/6500 gal model
- Added standard rear bumper model
- Cargo definitions now use .sui extension, following SCS' lead
- Added light panel accessory for suspension bogey
- Localization update

Changes 1.3
- Trailer now uses SCS 'foodtank' body type
- Separated markers, mudflap and r_bumper accessories
- Added f_body, bogeypnl (future), and livery (future) accessory locators.
- Separated body model; added polished body option (end caps are prebuffed to match shell instead of standard #4 finish)
- Added two new cargoes: Cod Liver Oil, and Molasses

Changes 1.2
- 1.35 model format
- New custom cargoes (canola oil, hfcs, maple syrup, peanut oil)
- DOT tape now uses retroreflective effect

This is a thorough rework of Corby's Tremcar food grade tanker with a drastically lower poly count, tweaked proportions, and some texture/material work that I'm fairly happy with. It uses the base game milk cargo, supports advanced coupling and has animated landing gear — all that good stuff.

Smarty, Corby

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