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Tuning for Volvo VNL 2018 1.35.x
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Tuning for Volvo VNL 2018 1.35.x

Update for 1.35

This mod adds various accessories and tuning details for Volvo VNL 2018 by Galimin & Frank Peru

Adds the following
- Bullbars
- Front chrome bottom panel (on slot b_gril (bumper) and plastic spoiler
- Air conditioning fan on the back wall of the sleeping compartment for the cabin 740
- Extended roof slots for cabs 760 and 860 cabs with or without a lightbar
- Interior lighting
- Acrylic window deflectors
- APU and steps / tool boxes / only with separate chassis
- Chrome + Black decor for the grille
- Chrome and black stripes on the sleeping bag and sun visors
- An alternative arrangement of slots in the cabin for the dashboard
- Side lights (slots, stripes in chrome and black)
- Racks behind the cab
- Beacons
- Dual exhaust pipes
- Sun visor with Volvo logo
- Side skirt "without plastic"

Tom Dooley

  • Name
    2019-08-04 18:20
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    Stolen mod from Tom Dooley. Real download link is: https://sharemods.com/f7jthread0os/TomDooley_VNL2018pubadd.218.scs.htmlThis one says uploaded by TomDooley. Not that far lard ass Freddy Jimmick posting under mods_ats
  • Lard ass jimmick
    2019-08-04 18:22
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    Don't support those who steal mods like fat lard ass Freddy Jimmick. Real download link is https://sharemods.com/f7jthread0os/TomDooley_VNL2018pubadd.218.scs.html
  • Name
    2019-08-04 18:29
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    Ashtonishing. Another stolen mod. No credit given to original author of Tom Dooley. No wonder why he quit sharing his mods publically. Whoever this mods_ats person is a real scumbag. Oh wait, it fat fuck Freddy Jimmick.
  • Freddy jimmink
    2019-08-04 20:39
    1 0
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  • Jim


    2019-08-04 20:41
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    People who write such dumb things while they don't know the real stealer have no brains and don't need any attention on this site
  • Lard assjimmick coward
    2019-08-04 20:46
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  • Mods_ats
    2019-08-04 20:48
    1 1
    freddy jimmink has nothing to do with us, so find out who we really are stupid arsefuckes!
  • Lard ass jimmick
    2019-08-04 20:50
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    i'm so sorry that i have it wrong, so sorry really, next time i will think twice when i accuse someone
  • Tom dooley
    2019-08-04 22:36
    0 2
    Hey Modhub admins, how about you take this mod from your listing??? And remove your illegal re-upload, please.Also, just copying an older description will not make it fit the real contents...
  • Tom dooley replica
    2019-08-04 23:23
    1 1
    nice try mate but the admins won't take any action, there are several idiots who made deadthreats thowards people on this site, so keep on dreaming dude!
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    2019-08-05 00:54
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    2019-08-05 00:57
    1 0
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  • Grinder gears
    2019-08-05 02:10
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    Regardless of who uploaded the mod, Tom Dooley is a shit person and a massive douchebag.
  • The fat man
    2019-08-05 10:23
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    If Tom Dooley is shit or not, the people who accuse innocent people and call them names has to to be blocked from the internet! And they will get their share anyway 'cause karma is a b.tch
  • What comes around
    2019-08-05 12:50
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    What comes around, goes around
  • Bobmerican
    2019-08-09 03:46 Send message
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    well- i had a skin made and i uploaded it here- within 24 hours it was on modsats...really shocking-they were so lazy they didnt even fix my description or pictures.
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