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Tyler Bell v1.5.2.2
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Tyler Bell v1.5.2.2

I spent a lot of time putting effort in to this truck and don't upload to diffrent websites and found at the Peterbilt Truck Dealer your able to paint diffrent colors and diffrent engines and transmissons and it's customizable.


  • Arcangel
    2017-02-15 22:34
    This is a re-upload of an OLD mod! NOTHING has been changed!1999_Peterbilt_379_EXHD_Stas556.Для версии игры 1.14.xxx
  • Engineertman
    2017-02-18 17:49
    he's a liar he as done nothing to this truck except lie about it so i would download it for shit until some one stop these assholes i will get my mods off of steam for now on
  • Hammer down
    2017-02-26 01:46
    people like this piss me off and needs to stop building mods
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