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Unlock Hidden SCS Parts - WS 49X 1.38.x
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Unlock Hidden SCS Parts - WS 49X 1.38.x

Mod to "unlock" them so I figured I share so everyone can use them!

This is a tiny little mod (literally is just 3 def files) that allows you to install:
- A painted Air Filter cover
- A plastic (black) battery box/DEF tank in both 150gal and 200gal options

No conflicts with Western Star 49X Reworked Mod and the 8x4/8x6 Chassis mod that's floating around (no idea who the author of that is...)
- Recommend loading this after/above any other 49X mods
- If you're using FierbetoN's mod, the plastic battery box/DEF tank will only work with the SFA version not the new SBA version he created. The air filter cover works on both the SFA and the SBA models though!
- To make the plastic battery box/DEF tank work with the 8x4/8x6 chassis mod, you will need to add the correct "suitable for" lines to the sideskirt def files

Code: Select all
suitable_for[]: "8x4s_100f.westernstar.49x.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "8x4s_100.westernstar.49x.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "8x4s_100fs.westernstar.49x.chassis"


  • Why this?
    2020-12-05 23:26
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    stealing other peoples work and reuploading it to different sites at once, and yes this mod is stolen... THEIR ON THE WORKSHOP FOR A REASON! NOT TO BE ON ANY OTHER SITE OUTSIDE OF STEAM COMMUNITY!!!
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    I have a couple reason or a few.1. Its stolen...2. It's being uploaded to different many sites at once...3. It may be poorly stolen...4. It these idiot dick heads are using other people's work and stealing them just to make money!5. don't download
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