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USA offroad map v0.2
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USA offroad map v0.2

Look in README for full description.

Rob Viguurs (Map maker), Christiaan Van Huizen (Map tester)

  • Bahamutx
    2016-02-11 13:54 Send message
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    hi I am already using your last version do I need to start a new profile or just replace the old one?Comment...
  • D. meise
    2016-02-11 14:11 Send message
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    >>> caution don't use modhoster.de >>> all user data (user name, email, password) have been hacked some times ago and are on a public website now
  • Alexcrazy
    2016-02-11 15:10 Send message
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    my edited version with standart map module and corrected gamedata http://rusfolder.com/44736605
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