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Viva Mexico Map v2.4.5 new fix + HBS v1.9 AiO 1.32.x
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Viva Mexico Map v2.4.5 new fix + HBS v1.9 AiO 1.32.x

* DLC New Mexico is necessary.

In this new update, modifications were made to Baja California and Baja California Sur:
- New booth before entering LA RUMOROSA by Jose Trucking.
- Reten at the entrance of LA RUMOROSA (Mexicali - Tijuana).
- Remodeling the panoramas of most roads (views, landscapes and more ...).
- New intersections heading to Bahia Tortugas and Punta Abreojos.
- New Mexican signaling (indispensable HBS Resources).
- Remodeling complete of LA PAZ and CABO SAN LUCAS. P16 author
- Error correction
- Change in the names of commercial establishments Ex. (OXXO = OTXO)

2 necessary files included:
- Viva México Map 2.4.5
- HBS Resources 1.9

-Franck Peru
-Jose Trucking
-Jared Castillo
-Joasim Castillo
-Eblem Torres
-Raul Martinez

  • James
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    This is an old one, the author make fixed version, without HBS Resources 1.9
  • Name
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    ...fake 100%
  • James
    2018-09-22 03:26 Send message
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    I'm a little slut, I have tested this and it is the new and fixed one so download
  • Ralloh
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    This does not work. None of the roads are connected to the U.S. roads.
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