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Volvo VNL 780 Reworked v2.8 for v1.5.x By Frank Brasil
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Volvo VNL 780 Reworked v2.8 for v1.5.x By Frank Brasil

Volvo Dealer
Add in traffic
Add new accessories
New steering wheel system

Updated to version 1.5.x
Not replaced. Buy Volvo dealers
New improvements and sounds

Author Reworked by Malcom37
Author Base model by AU44
Author improvements and sounds by Kriechbaum
Author Edition and Update for 1.5x by FrankBrasil

Aradeth, ohaha, Felipe Comba, Big Bob, AU44, Malcom37, rus47tam, FrankBrasil, vovangt4 modernization
Credits conversion and update for ATS FrankBrasil - Etspx Team

  • Ron


    2016-12-27 09:45 Send message
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    Love the 780 , was wondering if you could change the speedometer to Miles per hour (not Kilometers).
  • Fred
    2016-12-31 04:17 Send message
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    I installed the mod, but its not showing up in store
  • Tech
    2017-02-11 04:06 Send message
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    I've really wanted this mod for some time... I've downloaded several times and tried to get it working with no luck. It's too bad this mod isn't like the others... one file you can just put into the mod directory. I've seen where others on other websites have downloaded it and they spoke like it worked.... I install and load the game, go into the mod config and enable all the newly found mods... The truck will not show up at the volvo dealer(s).
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