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Volvo VNL ISX D13 & D16 Sound v1.0
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Volvo VNL ISX D13 & D16 Sound v1.0

After a long time I will release my Volvo VNL sound mod today, the base of this sound mod is created by Kaptain Kriechbaum and SCS and I reworked those sounds and add lots of real life sounds like “park brake, wiper sounds, horn and air horn, trailer release sound, trailer connection sound, trailer brace, air brakes, gravel, suspension, jake brake, and cabin rattle sound.
I hope you have fun with this sound and please keep the original download link, don’t use it in paid mods.

Leen, base sounds by Kriechbaum

  • Thegamer99
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    FS17 OR FS19?
  • @thegamer99
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    Dude.......really? C'mon.....you're not THAT brain dead, are you? For fucks sake....it's for ATS..... Consider that an act of kindness, but, please, do us all a favor, and learn to fucking read, dipshit.
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