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Volvo VNL Truck Shop v1.4
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Volvo VNL Truck Shop v1.4

Mod truck Volvo VNL for ATS patch 1.6 x
there is tuning, spelled out in the cabin of a Volvo.
Trak supports the painting and the color of the metallic support for an advanced hitch.
support Steering Creations DLC Pack
the driver is present in the following cities: Las Vegas, San Francisco and Tucson.

ATTENTION!: Before adding this mod, you need to sell all the trucks from a previous version and saved!
Then disable the previous version in Manager mods, and activate v1.4!
Then load the game and buy again fast.
Provided that you want to use the old save. Otherwise there will be departures from the game,
as in fashion many new things including changes in the residence permit!
Or to start a new profile, in this case, no manipulation of the mod is not required.

Tested 1.6.x

chashkin23, il_86

  • Faelandaea
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    Error free and works perfect. Thanks for this.
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