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VOLVO VNR 2018 1.28.x
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VOLVO VNR 2018 1.28.x

Volvo VNR 2018 for ATS
For 1.28
Volvo dealer
Author: franck_peru


  • Brian
    2017-10-22 18:31 Send message
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    This rig looks great! Too bad it is in a rar file and I cannot open them. *sigh*
  • Guest
    2017-10-22 18:45 Send message
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    you need to download winrar to open
  • Brian
    2017-10-22 20:34 Send message
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    I know that and I had winrar before windows' update completely screwed up my computer. Now I can't use winrar or winzip because when I have them installed my computer runs extremely slow so I don't have either. I can only open zip files now and that is why I like it when people post the mods just as the scs file or in a zip file.
  • Maestro
    2017-10-23 02:07 Send message
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    Please make it available for ETS2 also.
  • Jorgent
    2017-10-23 16:53 Send message
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    fake link
  • Nissantr
    2017-10-24 18:10 Send message
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    I would take this truck for my Ats,because i am using a Vnl780 mod now,but this Vnr trucks interior is from the European Volvo.So i need to wait,if somebody can make this truck to have a real Vnr interior on it.
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