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Weather & Graphic mod by ATM
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Weather & Graphic mod by ATM

New climates, include Dalton.
In mod new road textures, improved vegetation, grass and water surface.
The activation symbols are replaced by hatches.
Removed signs "Dead End".


  • Bidolot
    2018-05-27 08:58
    where is the night good mods but no night :-(
  • Bobo58
    2018-05-27 22:48
    fix, there is night: http://sharemods.com/zv79hd0g9wud/Graphic_mod_ATM_fix-night.rar.html
  • Original
    2018-05-28 04:54
  • Bobo58
    2018-05-28 08:14
    I was wrong and the wrong file was laid out. :(( here's the patch doing the night (~32kb) - http://sharemods.com/uh3fgu5hbl82/Fix_night_for_Graphic_mod_ATM.scs.html
  • Slaviksd
    2018-05-28 22:18
    For night: remove climate.sii and env_data.sii from def folder.
  • Slavsan93
    2018-05-29 12:52
    Textures for the roads, mountains and vegetation in this mod are made by me (slavsan93).Please mention authors of mods that you steal, at least. Thanks.
  • The owner!!
    2018-05-31 16:02
    The name Graphic Mod Atm is registered with Copyright in name of my Company, if I download and see that's our Graphic it will be bad for you, or when it's not, please change the entire name from this mod, you will have a short time to do this..thanks
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