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WILSON Pacesetter Grain Trailer v1.0
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WILSON Pacesetter Grain Trailer v1.0

Wilson Pacesetter Grain Trailer
Not sell.
Available in gallery and in orders
Loads Of Barley.Corn.Millet.Oats.Rye.Wheat
All loads have their weight in the table of units of weight in relation to volume.
One option 53 ' chassis with rolled axles(spread axle)
All technical stickers are photo textures cut from photos of real trailers.
Three painting options

- white (stock options)
- stainless steel (rear diode lights with chrome rims)
- black(taillights clear glass and led with chrome bezel)

Test version 1.32.4

TruckerStas. JF154. Каменев Андрей.

  • Freddy jimmink
    2018-11-07 19:04 Send message
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    Mod is stolen and parts of it are removed!Original modder John Ruda
  • Zorro
    2018-11-28 18:34 Send message
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    Turning should be lit in red.
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