Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kobelco SK210-6 v1.0
KOBELCO SK210-6 V1.0

This is a Kobelco SK210-6 Hydraulic Excavator. This machine is a medium sized excavator and weighs around 21 to 24ton. This is for sale for $35,000. Reskin by Thorndog59 Model by Fredzaza ...

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The Beast Heavy Duty Wood Chippers

- Iveco: - Improved stability Fixed texture errors on the support legs - - Steering wheel and Chassie "light up" when switching on the low beam Fixed bug - Fixed Lightweight tend to curve inside - Crane scored a work light ...

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Rotech 830 Bulldozer v1.0

This is the Rotech 830 Bulldozer which was converted from the Giants game Demolition Company Gold. This mod has animated front blade, rear ripper and working steel tracks. The blade and ripper are mouse controlled. Also features front and rear work l...

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Volvo 460B v1.0
VOLVO 460B V1.0

This is my attempt at making a 460B Volvo out of a 345B Cat. It's rough and not the best but i hope you enjoy it. The price is $60,000 Fredzaza Thorndog59 ...

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Linkbelt 2800Q v1.0

This excavator is based off Letsdig18's excavator off YouTube. The model is from Fredzaza and the skin is from Thorndog59 ...

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Kubota U55-4 v1.0
KUBOTA U55-4 V1.0

Here is a reskin from TMP and FT Modding of their KX71-2 Kubota. I reskinned it to look like a U55-4 Kubota. ...

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Cat 312BL v1.0
CAT 312BL V1.0

Here is a Cat 312BL excavator. This was modified from the Cat 320L that was previously released. ...

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