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CLAAS SCORPION 7055 v0.9.0.1
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CLAAS SCORPION 7055 v0.9.0.1

Here you get the first telescopic loader for Cattle and Crops 0.6
It is a Claas Scorpion 7055

Technical data:
Lifting power: 5500kg
Lift height: 7010mm
Engine: Deutz TCD 4.1 L4 with 156PS
Transmission: Variopower Plus hydrostatic
Fuel tank: 230 liters
Oil tank: 100 liters
Accessories: 4.8m³ shovel
Pallet fork with tine adjustment
You will notice that the original buckets are not coupled in the correct position, this is also the case with the original front loader, so it is a general error and is not due to the mod.

Have fun telescoping ;-)

Adjustments to the shovel

xxMallexx / Fred Farming / edit Deutzfahrer

  • Wish
    2020-01-16 17:08
    0 0
    This MOD does not work!!!!!!! Pictures look go though..
  • Anonymus666
    2020-01-16 18:17
    1 0
    @WISH NO Farming Simulator mod !! Cattle and Crops mods !!
  • Wish
    2020-01-16 19:37
    1 0
    @anonymus666 thanks for the info, had no idea there was another farm sim called cattle and crops. sorry my mistake..
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