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Kroger trailers v1.5.0
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Kroger trailers v1.5.0

Two dollys for two trailers conurbation
trailer 9 mts and 11 mts cargo box base model TMR 34
capacity 50 m 3 and 65 m 3
Model: xyzspain
Texture:  xyzspain
Script: xyzspain and MBB
Idea / Concept:  xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain
Other: terrain block modifier from Hawe but for the moment the edition in editor not work in game or I do not have the knowledge to do it.


  • Nick
    2018-05-19 17:58 Send message
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    126Mb, it's just one trailer, 126Mb seriously??? I mean it looks good but come on 126Mb?, strip it down a bit man.
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