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 GT-Mods SCS Scania Reworked and Fixed v2.0
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GT-Mods SCS Scania Reworked and Fixed v2.0

-Scania R and Streamline models merged - they now share tuning parts which previously were exclusive to one or the other
-Fixed multiple bugs from SCS Scanias (for example - added missing side indicators)
-Models were reworked to better resemble real life truck, while keeping the overall model at similar to SCS level (this means that mod should work just fine on weaker PC's)
-Reworked fuel tank models on all chasis so they actually fit "fuel capacity" indicated in chasis info file
-changed rear fenders on 4x2 Streamline to give them more realistic look and height
-6x Streamline chasis use high fenders (the same as R2009), because that's how they are made IRL
-Added AdBlue tank
-both Scanias are now available with Normal and V8 sideskirts for 4x2 and 6x chasis models (sideskirts have 100% new models alot more similar to RL ones)
-Front grill design (silver / black V8) doesn't depend on the engine installed anymore (this is to avoid compatibility issues and to resemble IRL options)
-Added an option to install a "Low" front bumper (because it's a "factory option" IRL)
-Added a full set of bottombars fitted to new low bumper
-Reworked some textures to get rid of the "unfinished" or plastic look
-Fixed and remodelled headlights (especially Streamline ones), added new texture (xenon projectors) and lightmask (both trucks use the same set of textures to ensure quality of both is at the same level)


  • Theosz
    2016-09-07 18:07
    ... the true mod is there, for nowhttp://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=157290&start=290
  • Theosz
    2016-09-07 18:07
    Admin, remove this publication
  • Mods1
    2016-09-08 00:46
    THEOSZ BEST IDIOT!New link:http://sharemods.com/xo2df3icfvhc/Scania_reworks_V2.0.zip.html
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