Farming simulator 2019 mods
 Peterbilt 579 Reworked 1.22.x
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Peterbilt 579 Reworked 1.22.x

Fixed registration wheel in orders and agencies gallery
In Europe lorries are no more American wheels
Added registration company in Britain
added logo

Spelled out in traffic and orders agencies (with its wheels, made independent)
- 3 cabins
- 4 chassis
- His sound (from ATS)
- His wheels (as did independent of ATS)
- His shop (2 versions)
- Tuning
- Works board computer
 Work bonnet mirror. (Thanks Stels)
 Disadvantage: when setting up small mirrors, adjustable left and bonnet, connected with the fact that the native dumis and texture of the ATS, you can not run in ETS2.

Author: SCS
Adaptation for ETS 2: vovangt4, Stels, Phantom 94

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