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10 Hr. Extended Deadline 1.28.x
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10 Hr. Extended Deadline 1.28.x

It may not be applied to your current job in progress.
Late delivery again ? Face the penalty !
Wait a minute, it's not your fault. The delivery just forced you to drive a winding, steep, dangerous curvy mountainous road that you barely survived ! Not to mention the annoying AI. It's not your fault that you slept and woke up to the sound of that "Hurry up" music.
No, no, no. No one has to live with that.
If you have been constantly depressed by the tight delivery deadline. Finally this Hero mod has arrived. It will make your life easier.

Delivery window (deadline) time extension.
- 7-10 hours extension for all normal deliveries.
- 3 hours extension for all urgent deliveries.
It may not be applied to your current job in progress.

- If the effect does not take place, go to sleep once or twice (in the game, not in real life).
- If the effect still does not take place, move it to a higher position (Mod Manager).

NOT compatible with
- Any economy mod, including experience/skill, bank loan, garage prices mods.

Compatible with
- Saved game and new game.
- Game patch 1.28.X.
- All maps
- All DLCs


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