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12/12 Drive - Rest by Momo 1.28.x
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12/12 Drive - Rest by Momo 1.28.x

Wise men say "You have to balance your work and rest".

In the vanilla game you ...
- drive 11 hours
- sleep, eat, shower, brush teeth, phone home, play total 9 hours
- need to rush because of the tight delivery dead line

With this mod you ...
- drive 12 hours
- sleep, eat, shower, brush teeth, phone home, play total 12 hours
- no need to rush, this mod extends your delivery deadline for you to match the 12 hours rest (7-10 hours extra for normal deliveries, 3 hours extra for urgent deliveries)

Now possible to plan your time:
For those of you who hate to drive at night because of the game's poor lighting or simply scare of ghosts. In the vanilla game you cannot and impossible for you to avoid night driving because of 9 hours rest time you often wake up in the middle of the night.
With this mod, if you start resting from 6 pm you will wake up at 6 am. And you can maintain this pattern as long as you want. So you will not have to drive at night anymore.
If you don't like the 6 pm / 6 am pattern ? No problem, you can change to 9 to 9, 10 to 10 or any time pattern of your choice by simply start resting at your desired time.
Wow ... what a wonderful life, no more driving in the dark (if you hate it) which you don't see anything and never know what will jump out at you from the bushes.

- Not compatible with any other economy mod.
- Compatible with game patch 1.28.xx
- The effect may not be applied to your current on progress job.
- You may need to sleep once or twice (in the game, not in real life) before the effect takes place.


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