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Kenworth W900B Long Edition 1.22
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Kenworth W900B Long Edition 1.22

Kenworth W900B Long Edition
Adapted for 1.22 version.
Lots of tunning option.
Find it at MAN dealer.

Stas556, dmitry68, Kriechbaum

  • Theosz
    2016-01-28 17:29
    unfortunately, another FAKE. 2013!no compatible wheels, anything
  • Bandit
    2016-01-28 17:40
    @theosz if you dont like it, dont download it, search and put what wheels you want, stop be a hater !
  • Guest
    2016-01-28 18:08
    fully scrap. bandit is a stupid reuploader (id**t)
  • Miguel
    2016-01-28 18:09
    DON'T DOWNLOAD ... IT'S FAKE !!!!!
  • Experimental trucker
    2016-01-28 18:28
    Hello. To all the modders out there. After all this time that this particular truck has been available to drive in the many versions of ETS2, has anyone found a way to make skins (like Fedex, UPS, DHL), or other USA or European companies to work on this truck?
  • Bandit
    2016-01-28 21:33
    @guest is easy to talk with your identity hidden, so shut up, my friend :P
  • Theosz
    2016-01-28 22:21
    ok bandit. Anybody like to buy a new car, 2016 badge... with 2010 interiors. c'mon help us.any downloader can help others to not wasted time.it When you put a really updated W900 LE or any, I'll the first to aplause you.
  • Ronin5
    2016-01-28 23:42
    BANDIT is a ROMANIAN stupid kid. He wish more views to his channel. :):))
  • Ronin5
    2016-01-28 23:53
    @BANDIT Can you give us download link for Kenworth T908 ? :):))
  • Rene
    2016-01-29 00:58
    awesome truck but the rear lights has to go
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