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Grand utopia v1.6
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Grand utopia v1.6

Grand Utopia is an imaginary world that invites virtual truck drivers to discover new places and new roads. Inspired by France, this imaginary island country is currently under development. I pay particular attention to building a world of high quality. Emphasize quality rather than quantity!

You must have ALL the DLC MAPs to make the map work.

→ city of Egeskov added
→ mod converted to ETS 1.34.x
→ added custom warehouses
→ custom announcements added
→ some minor mapping errors corrected
→ some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.1:

- added the city of Rivenchy
- added the city of Gavroche
- added the city of Monteil

- toll prices have been corrected
- the number plates of the AI ​​vehicles have been corrected
- the rain inside the tunnels has been corrected
- the missing road for Globeur (Pérignat) has been corrected
- the economy has been corrected

- correct
some minor mapping errors - some minor bugs fixed

Changes v1.5
Includes version 1.4.5 exclusive cities and a brand new city. So, you'll find in this version:
- Montbois
- Chalezeule
- Saint-Angel
- Dolan-sur-Mer

In that update, discover 9 new cities: Ghyvelde, Saint-Vaury, Saint-Benoît, Ville-Marie, Gravouland, Tours, La-Baie-du-Chien, Krewit, Chavanon.

Credits: MyDatty


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