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Audi Q7 + Interior for 1.23 v1.0
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Audi Q7 + Interior for 1.23 v1.0

Audi Q7 with Original Audi Interior

+ HD Graphics
+ Work Perfect
+ No Errors
+ No Bugs
+ Original AUDI Wheels
+ Original AUDI Beautiful Interior

Tested on 1.23 & 1.22 versions game.

Big Trucker, ESUBBERS Team (Masha, Jumbo, Kinder, Blacky, Kubo, Natasha, Marselino, Mojko, CSOPlayxFD)

  • Space cam
    2016-05-05 05:35
    this mod has a bug. when you access the mod and buy it, it freezes the game and nothing more, you have to restart the game. this mod has a bug that prevent the game from loading after purchase. needs fixing.
  • Space cam
    2016-05-05 08:31
    this mod has a lot of bugs, out side view you see two steering wheels, the speed meters and other signals on the dash board no animation, and the steering wheel looks lopsided. the person who makes this mod needs to take it down and work on it before releasing it, it is crappy as it is now and it is degrading the game.
  • Space cam
    2016-05-05 08:33
    remove the internal mirror/ rare view and put a navigator in the space instead because the mirror don't work.
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