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Multiple Trailers in Traffic ETS2 v3.1
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Multiple Trailers in Traffic ETS2 v3.1

Drawbar and B-double versions of the new SCS box vans, curtainsiders, insulated trailers and reefers; drawbar double Profiliners using the v1.31 model (so you don't need the Krone DLC).
Paint jobs in both are the standard-issue SCS ones plus a handful of home-made ones. Real companies mods should replace the SCS skins with their own, though the Scania one from the ProMods TCP fell off the ends of the short trailers last time I looked. Both mods have improved sounds and truck colours, courtesy of the inestimable cipinho of this parish, who also did most of the hard work on the heavy cargo trailer adaptations and pointed me in the right direction over the traffic rules which make the whole thing work.

Mr Larrington

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    fake upload by cruise
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    cruise old well known fakemaker
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    Mod from 16.12.18
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    @No fake Даты файлов изменить не проблема, это не доказательство, идиот
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