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1on1 Map (Name TBD) v1.0
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1on1 Map (Name TBD) v1.0

There! I am Starting a 1on1 Project. Today I’m going to share the 1st Version. This will be Realistic and not Fantasy. A lot of things can still be improved At This Time but I’m working hard on it!

Cities That Are In Right Now
- Forby
- Saxby
- Kersleti
- Suuremoisa
- Fallarna
- Borrby

If you want to know why the file is so small?
The File is small because i haven’t created custom models yet so only map and def file is available. When We have some models done the file will be bigger.

Bugs we know:
Wrong Kilometres Scale.
No Gas Station (Will be available when Hullo is done)


  • Humbby
    2017-12-21 17:17
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